About the novel by columnist and author – Thomas G LaCorte

High above the Florida wilderness 17-year-old Ryan and his father, a Professional Land Surveyor, are scouting a future job and enjoying a leisurely plane ride. Suddenly Ryan finds himself in for the ride of his life.
After a low pass of the Oklawaha River, and the dangerous swamp below, the plane’s engine destroys itself in a major malfunction. Ryan’s father, Rob, must find a place to land within sixty seconds but it was not to be. He has but one choice. Fly it into the trees!
Ryan awakens in the wreckage and he looks out his window. His eyes begin to focus on the scenery. Ryan remembers the scene from movies, Tarzan movies.
There are long vines hanging down from ghastly looking trees.There is an occasional spot of dry ground, but for the most part, it is swamp. There is a mist in the air, and it is dark under the canopy of cypress and gum trees. Ryan rubbed his face to make it all go away, but it does not go away.
Now begins an incredible journey into manhood, one that will take great courage. Ryan has but twenty-four hours to walk the 6 miles through the swamp, cross the dangerous Oklawaha River, and bring help to save his father. The question is will he have the courage. If either one of them is to survive he must leave the plane and Rob must instill enough courage into his son to make him believe that he can go the distance.
The journey is treacherous, but the most peculiar thing of all is the people that he meets along the way. Who are they? Why do they vanish? Did Ryan Survive or not?


2 responses to “About the novel by columnist and author – Thomas G LaCorte

  1. Lorraine

    I just finished reading your amazing book! I was born and raised in South Florida and I was enthralled with the detail of the wilderness we have in this state, not just palm trees and oranges as most people think. The amazing history and various wild life captured and held me. I grew up making forts, with my brothers, in palmetto bushes in the back of our property.
    The story grabbed me from the beginning and the twists in the story kept me snagged. Kudos on the details on the plane crash, my child (at 19 he got his FAA A&P license) is an aviation mechanic and a total aviation nut and liked how you wrote about it. This book is next on his list to read.

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